This blog was created to help the song “The Salt of the Earth” become the Brazilian Ecological Anthem! It was composed in 1981, by the Brazilians Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos.

It is a masterpiece in defense of the environment, the planet, and Brazil. In a time when almost no one spoke of Ecology, Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos stepped forward in time, creating both melody and lyrics, such as a beautiful declaration of love to Brazil and to our planet Earth.

It would be great if every country had its own Ecological anthem.

Listen to the original version of Beto Guedes. Video by “gmoliveira50” – YouTube :

In a version of Ivete Sangalo e Roupa Nova – Video by “jorruan” – YouTube:

Beto Guedes and Lô Borges.
Video of “lucavalcanti” – YouTube:

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“Salt of the Earth” – Lyrics:

Come on, I want to tell you no secret
I´m talking about the floor of our house. Come on, it´s time to fix it.

Time, I want to live two hundred years more
I don´t hurt my siblings. I don´t want to hurt myself either

We will need everybody. To ban the oppression of the world
To build a new life. We will need much love

Happiness lives next door, and who is not a fool can see

Peace on Earth, love.
The foot on the earth
Peace on Earth, love.
The salt of …

Earth, you are the most beautiful of the planets
They are hurting you by money. You’re the ship, our sister

Sing, take your life in harmony
And feed us with your fruits. You’re the apple for the men.

We will need everybody. One plus one is always more than two
To join better our forces. We just need to share better the bread

Recreate paradise now. To receive those who come after

Let born the love
Let love flows
Let love grows
Let love lives